Safalya Pani
Radio Jockey & Events Coordinator

Safalya Pani 

Nickname: Mickey

My Show: Sunday k Funday

Favorite Destination: Vegas

Favorite Pastime: Watching Cricket Videos, Cooking, meeting and roaming with Friends

My Passion: Cricket, organizing small events and leading them

My Goal in life: Try to be an inspiration for at least 1 person in this world.

What Inspires Me: Positivity, anti-hypocrisy/anti diplomats

My Likes & Dislikes: I like being happy, like everything with cricket, jelling with friends, organizing etc.
I dislike hypocrites, people showing off, cribbing.

More About Me: Know me Know Life,No me No Life. Software professional by profession and an enthusiast by passion. I always believe in short time goals not looking a lot to the future. I am a person who likes to be happy and it shows off in things I do. I own up anything I take up and do not quit. I try to bring a smile on everyone's face around me by cracking jokes and my 1-liners. I am certainly not a hypocrite even if my backs are to the wall.

I'm with DJ Because: Each person has many talents and DJ brings it out to the world. DJ is a family away from home where some people can make your day and even your life worthwhile.

What is very precious to me: Signing off Answer: Bas Dua me yaad rakhna !!