Ruby Saraf
Radio Show Host  & Special Events Director

Ruby Saraf
Nickname: Rubu

My Show: Yeh Shaam Mastani, Sada Bahaar Nagme

Favorite Destination: The Carribean

Favorite Pastime: Playing my musical instrument besides cooking, watching movies, reading and indulging in Arts and Crafts

My Passion: MUSIC/acting/ photography/writing/ painting/ Anchoring n Cooking

My Goal in life: Be an inspiration for others and live a meaningful life serving others in whichever way I can.

What Inspires Me: Good Samaritans besides music and the purity and innocence of children.

My likes and dislikes:
I love to cook, read, go on long drives with my loved ones, love to travel.
I love watching sunsets and sunrises with soft music on;
I dislike wasting time,l can't stand lies, snobs, gossips and hypocrites

More About Me: I am a very positive, sensitive, passionate, and a witty person living Life by the moment to the fullest indeed. I believe in simple living and high thinking. . A dreamer, making every effort to make my dreams come true.

I'm with DJ Because: DJ IS my connection back home giving me an opportunity to meet like-minded fun loving people. I stay actively connected with the Desi entertainment world besides giving me tan opportunity to serve my community in whichever way I can, which is very important to me. Above all, it made me fulfill my dream of becoming a News Anchor and an RJ which have always been one of my passions and dreams. DJ is my family.

What is very precious to me: TIME is very precious to me besides my family and friends. My integrity, honesty , commitment, dedication and loyalty is VERY precious to me.

Signing off answer: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter, don't mind !!