Priyanka Mathur
Chief Coordinator 

Priyanka Mathur

Nickname: Pri

Favorite Destination: Home

Favorite Pastime: Singing, stitching and cooking

My Passion: My passion is to be with kids and guide them in life... so Teaching became my profession

My Goal in life: Want to be happy in whatever I do, give my 100% with joy in my heart.

What Inspires Me: Can't boil down to one... so many things inspires me... like children playing every evening, music, my dad's words of wisdom, and so on ... list is endless.

My Likes & Dislikes: Likes... like people who are friendly and open... dislike who wear 2 face on them... I like yummy food, good music, positive attitude, greenery... etc

More About Me: I'm a teacher by profession, enjoy the hustle bustle of school full with kids as that gave me immense positive energy everyday. Miss being in school now. Love to stitch, sewing and quilting is my new found passion, love the creativity is gives in oneself, enjoy singing and dancing.

I'm with DJ Because: Desi Junction was a gate to first make new friends and meet new varied people with so many diversified interests and passion. Started as a listener to DJ in 2015, joined DJ Team in 2016 Jan. And since then it has been a wonderful journey of fun, music, dance with a complete focus of giving back to the community concept. Learning is daily and that's what keeps us going... Thank you DJ...

What is very precious to me: My Family, my friends... all those moments spent with them... memories... are all very precious to me. I wish that we all flourish in life with best of health and happiness.

Signing off Answer: God bless all of us.