Priti Singh
Radio Jockey & Special Events 

Priti Singh

Nickname: Priti

My Show: Sunday ke Funday, Lassi with Jassi

Favorite Destination: Las Vegas

Favorite Pastime: Listening to Music, Cooking, Chatting

My Passion: Singing

My Goal in life: Always Smile " Jaha Raho Jaise raho Bus Kush raho "

What Inspires Me: Guru Gopal Das

My Likes & Dislikes: Likes -Music , outing , playing any game with friend dislikes - overeating 🤪

More About Me: I can do anything that's my attitude towards my life.

I'm with DJ Because: I like my team and my mentor the way they are helping each other like a family. I want to give something to my community.

What is very precious to me: My husband

Signing off Answer: Always smile 😬