Pratik Shah
Sales &  Events Management

Pratik Shah

Nickname: Chote

Favorite Destination: Vegas

Favorite Pastime: Reading, Watching TV

My Passion: Do great creative work, travel and meet new friends

My Goal in life: Go on World Tour, Fly in glider, Learn to play guitar

What Inspires Me: Opportunity: they don't happen, you need to create them

My Likes & Dislikes: Likes: Help community , watching documentaries on successful people, listening to music, reading and spicy food. Dislike: Discrimination and Negativity

More About Me: Aapko to sab pata hi hai

I'm with DJ Because: It helps bring creativity and your talent out to the world. Its a place where you can give back to community by helping people in way you want to.

What is very precious to me: My family and friends

Signing off Answer: Keep your feet on the ground and kepp reaching for the stars