Mayanka Pathak
Trainee RJ 

Mayanka Pathak

Nickname: Mink

My Show: TBD

Favorite Destination: Colorado

Favorite Pastime: Photography, Singing

My Passion: Music, Photography

My Goal in life: To become an entrepreneur be it a photographer or a musician

What Inspires Me: Nature, music, literature

My Likes & Dislikes: Music, photography, reading

More About Me: Mother of a toddler, passionate photographer, trained singer..besides all a person who loves to make friends and talk

I'm with DJ Because: I love the vision of desi junction which is connecting the desi community

What is very precious to me: My family and my camera

Signing off Answer: Koi hath bhi na milaega jo gale miloge tapas se, ye Nate Mina's ka shahar hai, Zara fatale se mila karo