Jassi Parmar
Founder & Show Host 

Jassi Parmar

Nickname: Jassi

My Show: Lassi with Jassi, High Tea, Sunday Ke Funday

Favorite Destination:  India (Goa, Kerala ) 

Favorite Pastime: Movies, TV, Anything related to Entertainment 

My Passion: Anything related to ShowBiz, Creating New Ideas, Filmmaking , Acting , Hosting.

My Goal in life: To make a difference in the society, by giving back to community.

What Inspires Me: Making Someone Happy, Making a positive impact on someone's life.

My Likes & Dislikes: I like good places, positive People, healthy Food, inspiring Movies, Comedy shows, Social Service (Sewa). I like to stay away from Negative People, places, circumstances, in short, don't like to talk about any negatives. 

More About Me: I don't like to talk much about myself, I let my work speak for me :)

I'm with DJ Because: Its one of many dream projects that I have started. And its food for my soul.
What is very precious to me: My family and friends

Signing off Answer: "Hanste Raho, Muskurate Raho, Koshish karo ki jaan boojh ke kisika dil na dukhao, aur apne talent ko kisi ke kaam lao. " - Positive Attitude, good intentions, hard work, passion & dedication - 5 Keys to success.