Dharam Batodra
Special Events Coordinator

Dharam Batodra

Nickname: Dharam Paaji

Favorite Destination: Maldives

Favorite Pastime: Playing Sports and Cycling

My Passion: My passion is to help build effective and safe medical devices to help detect chronic diseases. Yes you read it right, I am NOT in IT.

My Goal in life: Be successful using my strengths and retire at 55 or below.

What Inspires Me: Life and works of APJ Kalam, MS Dhoni and Jack Ma Yun

My Likes & Dislikes: Likes: Traveling, Exploring, Watching Weird youtube videos, Documentaries
Dislikes: पीट पीछे बोलने वाले लोग, wannabe friends, over spicy food

More About Me: To know more about myself dail +1 312-772-3374. Lol

I'm with DJ Because:  I like to be part of events hosted and promoted by DJ that brings Indian , American and South Asian communities together to share our rich culture, music and tradition. I couldn't agree more with the DJ tag line "Your connection back home". It really gets me connected with my motherland.

What is very precious to me: Maa ka pyaar aur humari प्रिय beti Ashvi

Signing off Answer: समय से पहले और भाग्य से ज़्यादा कभी नई मिलता !